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Marble Tile, Black - 4kg

Marble Tile, Black - 4kg

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These marble tiles are all black-ish, come with different patterns and weight.
If you have a preference regarding the size, click on “View Cart“ to add special instructions and we will do our best.

📦 Material Properties 
Measurements: mainly 29x29cm but can differs in size
Weight: mainly 4.3kg per tile but may differ
Quality: very high

📍Location: Renee's Hub, London SE14

📷 These pictures give a very good indication of the materials you will receive, but individual items may vary slightly. Due to their reclaimed nature, some items may bear marks of use or minor imperfections which we believe only add character and authenticity to your creations.

Why Choose Renee’s Reclaimed Materials? 
🌍 Well, it is as simple as it is: Reuse saves emission twice. Once by preventing the material from becoming waste, ending up in landfill, and once by replacing the need for newly manufactured materials that would require precious planetary resources and a lot of energy to produce.
We also hope that it stimulates your creativity and that you will be satisfied with your creative result.

*Please be careful with the items you reclaim through Renee Materials. Some of them may have sharp edges or present other hazards, and we can’t take responsibility for any harm or damage caused by using our materials.
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